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PLEASE NOTE: The following stores may not carry all of the CD Essentials products.
Inquire at your local store or contact MacTec products for more information.

Music Stores:

  • Musicland, national (Store Names: Musicland, Sam Goody, Discount Records, Media Play)
  • Blockbuster Music, national
  • The Wherehouse, national
  • Tower Records, national
  • Camelot Music, national
  • Transworld Entertainment, New England (Store Names: Coconuts, Record Town, Tape World, Saturday Matinee, Music World, F.Y.E.)
  • Specs Music, FL
  • Compact Disc World, NJ
  • CD Connection, OH
  • Cats Music, TN
  • Willy's, VA
  • Soundwaves, TX
  • Homers Record Stores, NE
  • One Stop Music House, southeast (Store Names: Peppermint Music, Starship Music)
  • Tempo Records, CA
  • Casa De Los Tapes, Puerto Rico

Books & Music Stores:

  • Barnes & Noble
  • Borders Books & Music


  • QVC

Discount Chains:

  • Best Buy, national
  • Fred Meyer, greater northwest

Electronics/Computer Chains:

  • CompUSA
  • Fry's Electronics, CA
  • Communication Expo, TX


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