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Our system was designed so that anyone with a little knowledge of HTML can copy and paste code into their site. Look at what else you get:

Winner of the "Dvorak Award"

E-Commerce Solutions offers complete front and back end technology to do business on the web. Specializing in shopping cart systems and customized programming to distinguish your e-business from the rest.

Our award winning shopping cart software is the most powerful and flexible shopping system available today. Whether you're building an e-business or an entire shopping mall our software can make the job easier.

Explore the possibilities....

Unlimited Products

Whether you have 1 or 100,000 products, you are welcome to use our system at no extra charge.

Secure Transactions

SSL protects all communications with your customers, so you can take credit card orders, protect sensitive personal information, and ensure that hackers cannot detect your passwords.

Choose Payment Options

When you setup your shop, select the types of payment you wish to accept.

American Express
Pay By Phone
Diners Club
Carte Blanche
Pay By Mail

Uses Html Type Tags - No CGI

We have state of the art shopping cart tag technology that can be programmed within any standard html webpage.

No fancy programming to learn and our cart will work on any server. No need to change servers. Keep your site hosted exactly where it is and turn your existing website into a fully functional e-commerce site. Works with all servers.

Tag Wizard

If you know how to copy and paste text, the "Tag Wizard" will create the needed code to present "Buy Now" buttons on your website. Simply insert the code next to your product where you wish the "Buy Button" to appear.

If you need some help with your pages, we can help with that as well.

Built-In Shipping

Once your client selects an item for purchase, they will be asked for the preferred method of shipping. We will set this and customize it to meet your needs.

Tax Calculations

When someone makes a purchase within your state, the shopping cart is smart enough to know this and adds the sales tax and totals the order. Simple.

Sends Order To Merchant And Receipt To Customer

A very nice time saver administration tool. When an order is placed on your site, you are sent the order and a receipt is sent to your customer complete with sales number to acknowledge the purchase.

Standard And Custom Buy Buttons

You have your choice. Choose one of ours or create one of your own. With simple "Form Buttons" you have your choice of text within this button.

Online Sales Reports And Printable Invoices

Allows you to view order history and print invoices from your browser in your password protected administration area.

Custom Shop Background Images

When an item is added to your customers shopping basket, that information is passed on to your shopping cart. Even though that page is created by the shopping cart, we can display the same text and background colors or images to match your site. The will maintain the continuity of your existing site with the shopping cart.

Invoice Numbers Generated

Each sale has its own unique Invoice Number to quickly track a sale.

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